PepsUBER. Integration Done Right.



If you’re like me, you watched the Super Bowl last night in eager anticipation of which advertisers are getting it right, and who remain lost in the fray.

Long story short, Pepsi wins. Rather Pepsuber wins with by implementing branded content that’s executed perfectly. (SNL wins also- most of the ppl who have no idea who MacGruber is have probably Google’d it by now & are watching it on Hulu.)

suits out.

“I’m Here Now!” (Cam’ron Voice)- “The Millenials Have Arrived”

As I was organizing the 70+ RSS feeds that are in my Apple Mail, I came across this post from The Vox Collective. It’s about two months old, but reaffirms something that myself and other young marketing & media professionals have felt ever so strongly about during this year…

regime change. 

“The Millenials Have Arrived” is a testament to what I feel economic downturn will ultimately result in- new ideas, a new consciousness, and new corporate culture as those who cannot adjust to the volatile, forward-thinking environment will be weeded out. 

Check out the article by clicking here.


Happy Holidays to all!


Tomando Mamajuana.


"Ayy Santo Domingo tomando mamajuana/Gozando en Colombia, Venezuela, y la Bahamas..."

"Ayy Santo Domingo tomando mamajuana/Gozando en Colombia, Venezuela, y la Bahamas..."

There is something to be said about failures in the business of culture. Some products put to market fail immediately- the primary reasons being lack of functionality and/or the loss in translation- the product doesn’t complement the target consumer’s everyday needs. But for every 100 failures, there is a brand that gets it right. 


New to the beverage world is Palo Mamajuana (Palo Products, LLC). Now while it seems that barriers to entry in the functional beverage industry are low, and that new “energy drinks” appear to be popping up everywhere (especially amongst the urban segment), I’ve seen very few that target the Latino demographic. Familiar to Latinos (and more specifically Dominicans) mamajuana is typically used as a rum chaser (trust me), and is comprised of a mixture of tree bark, honey, and various herbs. It’s a little off-kilter to the typical American palette, but upon several tastes, the drink becomes nothing unlike port wine. 

Kudos to PP, LLC for delivering common sense to the beverage market. 

Plus, any product that reminds me of an Angie Martinez merengue song that features Big Pun singing is a winner lol… See below.




Brooklyn Is The New Brooklyn.


Earlier this afternoon, I was driving through my beloved, gentrified streets of Billyburg, and had the iPod on shuffle when a funny thing happened: immediately after Jay-Z and Santogold’s “Brooklyn Go Hard” ended, “Super Brooklyn”- one of my favorite songs in high school- came on. 

Then I got to thinking….

“How many songs have the name ‘Brooklyn’ in their title in my iPod????”


Let me know if you can think of any more!


Brooklyn Girls- Charles Hamilton

Summertime In Brooklyn- Joell Ortiz

Brooklyn- Fabolous f/ Jay-Z & Uncle Murda

Hello Brooklyn 2.0- Jay-Z f/ Lil’ Wayne

Super Brooklyn- Cocoa Brovaz

Brooklyn’s Finest- Notorious B.I.G. f/ Jay-Z

BK Made Me- Foxy Brown

Brooklyn Bullshit- Joell Ortiz

Brooklyn (We Go Hard)- Jay-Z f/ Santogold

Brooklyn Zoo- Ol’ Dirty Bastard

Brooklyn In My Mind- 9th Wonder f/ Jean Grey, Mos Def & Memphis Bleek

Brooklyn Stand Up- Papoose

BK All Day- Boot Camp Clik

Brooklyn High- Jay-Z

Another Brooklyn Jawn. (Santogold & “Italian Job” Hov)

LES Brooklynites.

I’d be lying if I told you that I’m surprised at this. In the vein of “SLU”, Jay enlists Santogold for another über-hop track. Shouts to Jose S. @ Cornerstone for the drip, drip.

(More on that nickname soon…)

Wait ’till Williamsburg gets their hands on this one…..

LeBron Has A New Nike Spot.

Check out Nike x LeBron’s new :30s & :60s spot by Nike entitled “Chalk” for the Zoom LeBron VI.

According to Swank

The ad campaign, produced in cooperation with Portland, Ore.-based advertising agency Wieden+Kennedy is part of Nikes integrated marketing and communication support for LeBron’s latest signature sneaker the Zoom LeBron VI. The ad will begin airing on Thanksgiving Day during the nationally televised pro football games. It will run on major networks and cable channels including ESPN, ABC, Fox, CBS, BET and MTV. The campaign will also be featured on

We all know that integrating celebrity ritual into daily life helps build a strong affinity amongst the consumer, and strengthens the brand message for a behemoth like Nike. Wieden & Kennedy took this small reality, and threw in a Weezy F. Cameo all played out under the music of Cornershop’s “The Candy Man” ultimately resulting in a great spot that breaks through the usual advertising clutter consumers face this time of year. 



LeBron Has Just Cause. (Just ‘Cuz He’s 23.)



“If I was LeBron James, I would shut the hell up,” Barkley said in the Wednesday interview. “I’m a big LeBron fan. He’s a stud. You gotta give him his props. I’m getting so annoyed he’s talking about what he’s going to do in two years. I think it’s disrespectful to the game. I think it’s disrespectful to the Cavaliers.”

The Godzilla Killer Who Isn’t A Role Model That Might Run For Public Office 


My take on this hilarity? LeBron James probably has the best, most immaculate media training of any athlete on the planet (much less of any celebrity his age). However, when provoked, the nature of a 23-year old rears its head. You don’t tell, or wish on national TV, that someone should “shut the hell up”-you know there will be repercussions… especially with the King of New York! got beef, I got beef... got beef, I got beef...

However, in Chucks defense, he has a very valid point- just a not-so-keen way of making it. ‘Bron was asked several questions and answered them as PC as he could that moment. But come on King, you don’t tell an NBA legend who never won a ‘chip that “he’s stupid”. You can say that his REMARKS were “stupid”, but not him personally- you might sway his constituents if this nonsense keeps up! After all, Sir Charles set the standard for prototypical NBA behavior:

Or, perhaps, Charles Barkley was grumpy after a bad morning. That usually happens to Old Heads

Either way, not to worry… the NBA’s PR Fairies will sprinkle their dust all over this one and get things back on track before Christmastime.